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ELA: Spelling Packet- Friday

Vocab synonyms/antonyms & sentences

Math: Pg 255 #20-25

Ratio Art due Friday

Social Studies: Packet due test day- test day TBD

Panormanic picture tomorrow. Bring envelopes & money if you plan to purchase



Due to potential bad weather tomorrow, the 6th grade panoramic picture has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 2/20



6th grade panoramic- Feb 13. If you are buying one, bring your envelope and money Wednesday



Writing for "The most realistic character" due Tuesday

Activity 17, 18 & 19 Math test moved to Tuesday

Social Studies test moved to Wednesday

India DBQ due Wednesday



math test- Activity 17, 18 & 19- Monday

Practice Khan academy

Ancient India social studies test- Tuesday (notecards will be given out tomorrow)



Kite due tomorrow

Finish Ancient India DBQ due Wednesday



Response to prompt on page 21 of your reader due Friday



India Kite Map due Tuesday, 2/5



Activity 15 & 16 Math test tomorrow

Finish Classwork Pg 209-210 # 2 & 5

Practice assigned skills on Khan Academy



Research presentations due tomorrow

Activity 15 & 16 Test- Friday



Egyptian God(dess) presentation and report due tomorrow

Kush Soc. St. test- Tuesday

Research Presentation- Wednesday



ELA: Research presentation due date has been bumped to Wednesday, 1/23

Social Studies: Egyptian God presentation/report- Friday

Ch 5 Test- Tuesday- 1/22

Science: Test- Thursday. Packet due test day.



ELA: research presentation due 1/22

Social Studies: Egyptian God presentation/report- Friday

Science: Water Cycle Test- Thursday

Packet due Thursday



ELA: Practice Lines

work on research presentation

Math: Finish activity practice (Activity 13 #1-3, 11-13, 15-19, 27-29) (Activity 14 #5-7, 14-23, 29-36)



ELA: Work on lines for readers theater

Choose research topic for research presentation

Math: Activity 13 & 14 Test- Thursday

Pg 181(#10-13) Pg 184(#9 & 10)

Social Studies: Egyptian Deity report- Friday, 1/18

Science: Finish Science Packet Page 7 and the back side of page 7



ELA: Practice your lines for reader's theater

Math: Pg 179 #5 & 6

Social Studies: Egyptian gods reasearch paper/ presentation- Friday 1/18



ELA: ELA & Spelling Test tomorrow

Spelling packet due tomorrow

Grammar Worksheet

Math: Pg 177 #11-14

Social Studies: Don't forget about the research report and presentation on 1/18/19!

Don't forget your secret snowman gift if you are participating!

Have a wonderful Winter break!



ELA: Spelling Test Friday

Spelling Packet Friday

Math: Pg 172 #13-15

Social Studies: Keep researching those Egyptian gods

Remember to bring your decorations for your masks tomorrow!

Don't forget your secret snowman gifts if you are participating!



ELA: Spelling Packet due this Friday

Unit 3 Spelling Test- Friday

Math: Pg 165 #9-12



ELA: Spelling- Friday

Math: Pg 161 #5 & 6

Social Studies: Ch 4 test and packet- tomorrow

Egyptian deity report and presentation- 1/18/19. See sample report outline in curriculum resources

don't forget to bring your secret snowman gift by Friday if you are participating

We will be decorating our masks this Thursday



ELA: Spelling Packet due tomorrow

Social Studies: Ch 4 Test Tuesday/ Ch 4 packet due Tuesday

If you are participating in the secret snowman, please bring your permission slip tomorrow if you haven't already.




Activity 11 Practice #5-11, 15-20, 23, 35, 36, 43,44 & 48

Activity 12 Practice #5-12, 15, 16, 25-30, 33-35

Activity 11 & 12 test tomorrow

Social Studies: Bring all your mask making stuff tomorrow!

Test- Tuesday/ Packet due tuesday



ELA: Spelling Packet-Friday

Final draft of Response to literature essay due tomorrow

Math: Pg 154 #9-14

Activity 11 & 12 test Thursday

Social Studies: Ch 4 test & packet-next Tuesday

Keep researching your Egyptian Deity

****We will be making our masks on Thursday and are in need of newspaper to cover the desks with



ELA: Finish reading/annotating key ideas on pg 14-15 of reader

Essay due Wednesday

Math: Pg 151 #12-20

Social Studies: Ch 4 test next Tuesday (11/18)

Ch 4 Packet due Test day

Continue research on Egyptian deities

Science: Bodies & Systems test tomorrow (Study on stemscopes)

Science packet due tomorrow

****We will be making masks this Thursday!



ELA: SPelling packet due tomorrow

Grammar WS- tomorrow

Final draft of essay due Tuesday

Social Studies: Choose 5 possible Egyptian god/desses for project- tomorrow

Science: Bodies and Systems test Tuesday

Science packet due Tuesday


*Bring the cardboard backing for your Egyptian Death Mask ASAP



ELA: Conclusion paragraph rough draft- Thursday

Summary- tomorrow

Math: P 142 #12-14

Soc. St: Egypt map tomorrow



ELA:Spelling packet- Friday

Finish body paragraphs for essay rough draft- tomorrow

Summary due- Wednesday

Math: Pg 138 #16-19

Soc. St: Egypt map- Thursday

Ch 4 packet- test day- test day TBD

Science: Finish pg 91 and page 7 in science packet

Science test- next Tuesday

Science packet due test day

Login to stemscopes to study


*Egyptian Death Masks Dec- 13 Please bring in backing for masks prior to this day

*Parent volunteers and donations of gold spray paint are still needed. Please email me if you are able to help!



ELA: Finish rough draft of body paragraphs- due Tuesday

Social Studies: Egypt map due Thursday



ELA: Finish rough draft of introductory paragraph of response to literature

Spelling Test tomorrow

Math: Finish 11-1 up to problem 10

Social Studies: Finish cartouche and bring back tomorrow

map- next Thursday

packet- test day test day TBD



ELA: Finish filling out the WHOLE outline- be sure to add commentary

Social Studies: Egypt Map due: Thursday, December 6

Continue working on packet

Friday-Parents are invited to come to our Mesopotamia Museum THIS FRIDAY! Flyer for it was sent home today.



ELA: Spelling test- Friday

Fill in the following parts of your response to literature outline- title/author, brief summary, theme, 3 main statements that support the theme

Math: Finish Activity 9 & 10 practice (pg 116 #1-3, 5-7, 8-16) & (pg 125-126 # 4-17, 19)

Activity 9 & 10 test tomorrow

Social Studies: Egypt Map- due date TBD

Egypt packet- due date test day, test day TBD




ELA: Spelling Test Friday

Math: Pg 124 #12-16

          Present Integer Timeline- tomorrow

Social Studies: Egypt Map- due date- TBD

Science: Finish Stemscopedia and page 93 in science packet