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Science Links

Are you prepared?
Totally unprepared
Web weather for kids
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
American Cancer Society
California Science Center
Alameda County Water District
PBSkids Dinosaur Train
PBSkids Wild Kratts
Cells for kids
Save Our Water

Math/Science Nucleus
Kinetic City: Home Page
Science Kids
Engaging Science
California Academy of Science videos
San Francisco Zoo
San Jose Tech Museum
Chabot space & science center
IPS Meteostar Weather Products

Resources for Understanding Weather


USGS Water Science

EPA > Drinking Water for Kids > Games and Activities > The Water Cycle

Amazing Space

Welcome to Cool Cosmos!

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home

Family Activity Guide to Mars

Hubble Heritage Project

The Eight Planets

Planetary Photojournal NASA's Image Access Home Page

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Quia - Plate Tectonics

BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species

Journey North A Global Study of Wildlife Migration Monarch Butterfly

Virtual Tide Pool - NATURE: Life at the Edge of the Sea

Build a virtual fish tank

Classifying: O'ology The Tree of Life

Insects on the Web

The Adventures of Echo the Bat

Kratts Interactive Creatures

Science Experiments

Science Fair Idea Exchange

Zoom.sci PBS kids

Exploratorium: Science Snacks

The Science Club: Kids' Project here

Student Science Surfing

Science News for Kids

Scholastic's The Magic School Bus: Guided Tour

Welcome to Cool Science

Becoming a Scientist

Exploring Science: Dragonfly

K-5 Houghton-Mifflin Activities

NSTA SciLinks

6th grade Pearson-Prentice Hall

Life Along the Faultline: Life and Science in Earthquake Country - The Exploratorium