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School Counselor

If you need to contact our counselors please use the following:

Marcela Potsome, School Counselor, FUSD

510.713.0141 ext. 53-106

Lu Hung, School Counselor, Fremont Youth & Family Services

510.713.0141 ext. 53-126


Who are Elementary School Counselors?

Elementary school counselors are master-degree level professionals who provide a school counseling program to support students, staff, parents and the community.  School Counselors are trained to develop a program that is comprehensive, developmental, and preventive.  The program focuses on services that address the academic, personal/social, and college/career development of our students. 

Please watch this video that describes the role and responsibilities of an Elementary School Counselor

  • What Services does the Elementary School Counselor Provide?

    All professional school counselors are trained to provide these services in a variety of efficient and effective methods, including:

    Guidance Curriculum

    Individual Student Planning

    Responsive Services

    System Support

    Children may face difficulties, which can prevent them from doing their best in school. These difficulties can include school adjustment issues, stress, family change, grief, fears, or difficulties with relationships. Having support through difficult times can be essential to a child’s educational success.